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Jose Cuervo

The award winning tequila Jose Cuervo has an annual competition to find Ireland’s Best Margarita. I was hired to create the website, design their promotional material and manage the competition’s entrants.


New Leaf

New Leaf is an interactive e-learning website that showcases three different endangered animals through the medium of animation. This college project took 8 months to create from scratch. My roles varied from animation to design, however, my main duty was project manager and web developer.



A website I designed for Irish tech start-up company Vyra, that is creating sustainable solutions for businesses. The launch of the Vyra newsletter has begun while their big project VyraPledge is in development.

Vyra website designer

Stitches Ballybay

The future of Irish store fronts are in eCommerce websites. Being from a family run business creating a website for my family’s gift store in Monaghan is a no brainer.

Stitches website designer


My work in Imagine varies from Video Editing to Graphic Design. Personally, I prefer my design work whether thats direct, online web or print advertisting. Additionally, I am in charge of their Instagram page where I create more lighthearted/personal content.

Dublin Dumbbells

Working with Irish startup Dublin Dumbbells was a blast during May 2020 as they were setting up their fantastic project for people to be able to workout from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Getting to grips with a big brands visual identity is something I’m always excited to do, especially when it’s new. Dominos “We Got This” campaign was launched in 2020 and I was one of the first to work with it.